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Technical description:

Channel Description Mic DI
1 Clarinet EV Pl 80/Shure SM58  
2 Trompet Shure SM58


3 Trombone EV Pl 80/Shure SM58  
4 Piano (left DI) Gallien Krüger Amp X
  (Piano Right DI)   X
5 Bass DI Schertler Amp X
6 Banjo His own pre Amp X
7 Bass Speak Shure Beta58A  
8 Bass Vocal Shure Beta58A  
9 Trompet Vocal Shure Beta58A  
10 Banjo Vocal Shure Beta58A  
11 Bass drum AKG D112  

12 Snare drum Shure Beta 98/AKG C547  
13 Overhead Shure Beta 98/AKG C418  
14 Overhead Shure Beta 98/AKG C418  

Download the stagesetup as a Word document by clicking HERE